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Erik Howell • 25 June, 2024

Webinar Recording: Dispute Management Solutions - Should Issuers Build or Buy?

This webinar explores the crucial decisions facing financial institutions today: should you build your own dispute management solution, or buy a third party system? This expert-led session guides you through the essentials of dispute management, covering key topics including:

- Dispute management and why it matters
- Challenges banks face with their dispute management process
- Building vs buying: key factors to consider
- The hidden costs of in-house customization
- Protecting data privacy
- Balancing customer experience with dispute volume management

Whether you're leaning towards building in-house or leveraging a third-party solution, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge to balance cost, efficiency, and security in your decision-making process.

Webinar Recording (20 June 2024)

Joined by:

- Erik Howell, Partner at Flagship Advisory Partners
- Thor Arne Vartdal, Scheme Compliance Expert and Dispute Specialist at Rivero
- Kevin Saaremäe, Product Specialist at Rivero

Please contact for any questions.