Anupam Majumdar and Pedro Giesta • 28 September, 2022

Infographic: Crypto Boom, Bust and Usage 2022

Observations on Crypto 
  • Global crypto markets, which boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, rapidly crashed during the last 6 months (55% erosion of market cap)
  • The current macroeconomic environment of rising interest rates, changes in crypto regulations, rising energy prices, and recent failures of stablecoins (Luna-Terra crash) have collectively contributed to a rapid erosion of the crypto market cap
  • On the flip side, we continue to see several global merchants and financial services firms testing markets with new crypto commerce use cases and pilots
  • CBDCs continue to stay relevant as disruptive form factors for digital commerce
  • Metaverse and Web 3.0 platforms are gaining prominence with leading brands, and crypto is the preferred payment method in these two environments
  • Despite near-term challenges, payments and fintech players continue to invest in crypto due to its long-term strategic importance

Crypto Boom, Bust and Usage_28Sep2022-1-2

Crypto Boom, Bust and Usage_28Sep2022-2-1

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