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Anupam Majumdar and Rom Mascetti • 25 August, 2023

PCN Podcasts: Opportunities and Developments within B2B Payments

Flagship Advisory Partners recently sat down with PCN CEO Rogier Rouppe van der Voort for their 'In Check with Fintech' podcast episode to discuss the latest developments and opportunities within the B2B payments space.


Delving deeper, they explored Fintech adoption trends in the U.S. and Europe, breakthroughs in real-time payment systems, key themes within B2B payments in the U.S. and Europe, and potential M&A activity within the B2B payments space.


For more information on the B2B market space, read our analysis on the massive opportunity for cross-border fintechs in a traditionally bank-dominated space here.

Listen to the latest episode on the following platforms:


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