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Joel Van Arsdale, Pedro Giesta & Tobias Vink • 16 November, 2023

Infographic: Q3 '23 Fintech Stock Price Movements

General Commentary & Highlights

  • Q3 earnings season brought heavy volatility to payments stocks
  • Share price increases or decreases of +/- 20% were common as shown above
  • Technology investors are now hyper-sensitive to earnings misses, even small misses (-5% vs. expectation) seem to drive c. -20% impacts to share price
  • Substantially negative guidance, such as that provided by Worldline recently or Adyen back in August (some impact recently recovered) leads to even larger share impacts of c. -50%
  • The combination of some strong earnings announcements and favorable views on interest rates boosted the entire sector so far this month and it feels like a sector with real upside for investors

Q3 23 Fintech Stock Price Movements_16Nov2023

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