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Scott DeHaven, Peter Taylor and Brittany Logan • 31 May, 2023

Infographic: Evolution of US Acquiring Processing

Article Synopsis and Visuals Guide:

  • The US acquiring processing market is dominated by a select number of monolithic, legacy processors (visual #1)
  • The prolific M&A activity of legacy processors created fragmented, complex platform environments (visual #2); however, the collection of platforms also resulted in processors with breadths of capabilities that are difficult to replicate
  • Legacy processors’ platform fragmentation and relatively dated technology have created pain points for merchants and other industry stakeholders; cloud processing environments would rectify many of these pain points (visual #3)
  • While legacy processors are aware of how cloud acquiring processing would benefit some customers, several barriers have prevented or slowed legacy processors’ investment in cloud processing solutions (visual #4)
  • Cloud acquiring processing investment is building momentum in the US; incumbents and new entrants alike are modernizing acquiring processing (visual #5)
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